About Us

Founded in 2008, Miss Wee is the contemporary jewellery line of designer Julie Wee.

Having studied jewellery making, fashion design, pattern making & garment construction, life drawing and worked for a graphic design studio, my knowledge of design is varied.

My love for travel and architecture is heavily influential in all my jewellery. Each piece takes on a clean, minimalist form where clean lines and clever dimensions are key to creating a balanced, contemporary piece.

Each year I go on various journeys around Australia and the world to clear my mind, free my spirit, be inspired and come home with a clear vision for a new collection.

Miss Wee creates two new collections each year to compliment a constantly evolving range of fine silver jewellery.

Miss Wee’s jewellery is hand made in both Australia and Peru and each piece is finished in our Melbourne studio giving each piece an organic, unique quality.



Miss Wee xox




Image: Me advertising that i'm a tourist (& having a laugh) at the most incredible architectural monument I have ever had the privileged of seeing, the Gothic cathedral, Duomo Milano 2014